Stick around – Adhesive Eyeliners in Clear



The Self-sticking Adhesive Eyeliner works by bonding with your falsies lash strip.
No more struggling with liquid glue or hurting your natural lashes with recurrent
(and expensive) lash extensions; with this eyeliner the application is easier and
suitable for you if you are looking for a latex-free, mess free option.

We made this product with the highest amount of lash bond than what is
available in the market. They hold on to your false lashes up to 8 hours! They
also dry quicker, perfect for those rushed mornings.

Stick around Adhesive Eyeliners dry fast, hence make sure to keep the pen
closed when not used. They are also easy to remove from your eyelids with an
oil base makeup remover.


Complete your look with 100% Vegan Eyelashes!

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